From Instrumentation Impulse Piping to Large Scale Pipelines

JNC Engineering's Electrical Heating System

JNC Engineering has developed a safe and economical electrical heating system for pipelines, the original and unique SECT Method (Skin Electrical Current Tracing) which has been delivered to many customers, not only in Japan but world wide.
JNC Engineering, as a specialist in the electrical heating, has delivered electrical heating facilities other than the SECT method to industries in the energy field including electricity, gas, and petroleum as well as to the chemical industry.
Besides the SECT Method electrical heating facilities, there are the parallel type and the series type heating cable methods, each with their respective features.
Based on the technology and experience on electrical heating facilities, accumulated over the years, JNC Engineering offers solutions for total electrical heating systems including the SECT method in responding to the need of our customers.

 - The first LNG storage tank base slab heating
 system by SECT system.