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Plant image JNC Engineering Co. Ltd. (JNCE) was established in 1965 as one of the member of JNC(a former Chisso) Group.
JNC Corporation, as a pioneer of the chemical industry in Japan, was established in 1906 for the construction of hydroelectric power and limestone. In 1960's JNC entered into petrochemical industry by establishment of a petrochemical complex in Chiba, Japan. The JNC group is now engaged in diverse business activities, from liquid crystals, LCD materials indispensable for our present society based on information technology to synthetic resins, thermo-bondable fibers and coated urea fertilizers.
Since its creation JNCE, based on such accumulation of knowledge and experience in chemical and diverse industry, has accumulated significant experience and expertise through execution of domestic and international projects. JNCE offer all clients total service ranging feasibility study, engineering, procurement and construction and operation assistance for the field of petrochemical, fertilizer and heat tracing. In 21st century, JNCE is now poised to provide a full spectrum of reliable, quality projects within and on schedule.

President Takaharu Kurokawa

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