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Major Experience

JNC Engineering has completed more than 400 chemical plants projects with the satisfaction of Clients.
JNC Engineering's major records of prior experience are introduced below:

Vinyl Chloride Monomer Plant

JNC Engineering's experience is based upon the technology of European Vinyl Corporation (EVC) under license from Inovyl BV. EVC process consists of the fixed-bed oxygen oxychlorination and high temperature chlorination of ethylene, and accepted by many companies world-wide as state of the art.

Installation record

1981 Colombia 9,000T/Y
1994 China 80,000T/Y
1994 Japan 300,000T/Y
1999 Japan 300,000T/Y

Polyvinyl Chloride Resin Plant

JNC( a former Chisso)'s suspension process is available to license.
JNC( a former Chisso) process has many advantages including large non-scale reactor, superior VCM stripping system and economical drying unit.
JNC Engineering has completed more than 10 plants in Korea, China, Indonesia and Thailand using the JNC( a former Chisso) process.

JNC Engineering also has experience of engineering and construction of PVC plant using Tosoh, Kaneka, Geon(USA) and Nippon Zeon technology.

Installation record

1979 Taiwan 60,000T/Y
1985 China 40,000T/Y
1985 China 40,000T/Y
1987 Bulgaria 120,000T/Y
1987 Indonesia 67,000T/Y
1991 Indonesia 67,000T/Y
1994 China 20,000T/Y
1994 Indonesia 80,000T/Y
1995 Thailand 100,000T/Y
1996 Philippines 70,000T/Y
1997 Japan 60,000T/Y
1997 China 150,000T/Y
1998 China 110,000T/Y
1999 Japan 70,000T/Y
2000 Japan 60,000T/Y
2000 China 60,000T/Y
2000 China 166,000T/Y
2001 China 80,000T/Y
2003 China 160,000T/Y

In addition to its whole PVC plant experience, JNC Engineering has much experience of JNC( a former Chisso)'s "VCM removal technology" which can be applied to other PVC processes than JNC( a former Chisso)'s.

Polypropylene Plant

JNC Engineering 's licensable process is JNC( a former Chisso)'s gas-phase horizontal reactor process. It's advantages include simple and easy operation, economcal (relatively small construction and operation costs), safe and friendly to environment, and high quality and many values of products (especially blockcopolymers). Licenses for the gas-phase process have been granted to Taiwan (300,000T/Y) and USA (300,000T/Y).

JNC Engineering also has extensive of constructing polypropylene plant using the slurry process in Korea, The Czech Republic and Slovakia in addition to JNC( a former Chisso)'s process plants.

Installation record
1968 Slovakia 30,000T/Y
1969 Italy 40,000T/Y
1971 Korea 30,000T/Y
1972 Czecho 80,000T/Y
1973 Korea 15,000T/Y
1976 Korea 24,000T/Y
1978 Korea 60,000T/Y
1978 Slovakia 30,000T/Y
1990 Japan 40,000T/Y
1990 Japan 30,000T/Y
2001 Taiwan 300,000T/Y
2001 USA 300,000T/Y

TDI(Toluene diisocyanate) Plant and MDI(Diphenylmethane diisocyanate) Plant

JNC Engineering's experience is based on Mitsui Chemical process.
Mitsui Chemical, Inc. is a leading manufacturer of urethane raw materials including polypropylene glycol, and has much experience of licensing abroad.

JNC Engineering is now constructing, in Hungary, a TDI plant, which is due for completion by 2Q/2001.

Installation record

1973 Italy  24,000T/Y
1978 Yugoslavia 18,000T/Y
1999 Hungary 60,000T/Y
1973 Italy   12,000T/Y
1986 Hungary 25,000T/Y
1995 Hungary expanded to 32,500T/Y
1996 Hungary 25,000T/Y
1997 Hungary 40,000T/Y

Phenol-Acetone Plant

JNC Engineering has built a plant in Jilin, China using UOP process.
JNC Engineering 's experience with UOP process other than phenol-acetone, are alkylbenzene, n-alkane and isomerization.

Installation record

1993 China Phenol 50,000T/Y and Acetone 31,000T/Y

ABS Resin Plant

JNC Engineering's experience is under a license of JSR Corporation (now Techno Polymer Co.,Ltd.), which is the leading supplier of ABS in Japan. JSR process is featured by high yield, low cost, and many product grades of high quality.
JNC Engineering is now engaging in the expansion project of Jilin plant, which was built in 1994.

Installation record

1994 China 100,000T/Y
2000 China expanded to 150,000T/Y

Plasticizer Plant

Available process is JNC( a former Chisso)'s process either continuous or batchwise reaction to produce DOP(Di-2-ethylhexyl phthalate) and other PVC plasticizers.
JNC Engineering can propose the an optimum plant design that will satisfy client's needs, based on JNC( a former Chisso)'s rich experience with its own plants and licensed plants in Taiwan, Korea and China.

Installation record

1977 Taiwan 60,000T/Y
1988 Korea 40,000T/Y
1995 China 30,000T/Y

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